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Small tray fried calamari $30.00

Large tray fried calamari $55.00

Small tray buffalo wings $28.00

Lrge tray buffalo wings $55.00

Small tray La Caprese $30.00

Large tray La Caprese $55.00

Small tray mozzarella sticks $28.00

Large tray mozzarella sticks $48.00

Small tray chicken tenders $28.00

Large tray chicken tenders $55.00

Small tray Jalepeno poppers $28.00

Large tray Jalepeno poppers $48.00

Small tray Clams al Vicolo $30.00

Large tray Clams al Vicolo $55.00

Small tray garlic knots $15.00

Large tray garlic knots $25.00


Small tray Garden salad  $15.00

Large Tray Garden salad $25.00

Small tray Greek salad $20.00

Large tray Greek salad $35.00

Small tray Caesar salad $15.00

Large tray Caeser salad $25.00

Small tray Chef salad $20.00

Large tray Chef salad $35.00

Small tray Carciofini salad $25.00

Large tray Carciofini salad $40.00

Small tray Tre-Colori salad $25.00

Large tray Tre-Colori salad $40.00


Small tray penne basilico $25.00

Large tray penne basilico $40.00

Small tray rigatoni alla vodka $30.00

Large tray rigatoni alla vodka $50.00

Small tray pasta with tomato sauce $15.00

Large tray pasta with tomato sauce $25.00

Small tray baked ziti $25.00

Large traybaked ziti $40.00

Small tray ravioli parmigiana $25.00

Large tray ravioli parmigiana $40.00

Small tray spinach ravioli $30.00

Large tray spinach ravioli $55.00

Small tray penne primavera $25.00

Large tray penne primavera $50.00

Small tray penne con broccoli and pollo $30.00

Large tray penne con broccoli and pollo $50.00

Small tray lasagna $25.00

Large tray lasagna $45.00

Small tray manicotti $25.00

Large tray manicotto $45.00

Small tray penne capricciosa $30.00

Large tray penne capricciosa $50.00


Small tray Eggplant parmigiana $30.00

Large tray Eggplant parmigiana $50.00

Small tray pollo parmigiana $30.00

Large tray pollo parmigiana $50.00

Small tray veal parmigiana $50.00

Large tray veal parmigiana $95.00

Small tray pollo limone $40.00

Large tray pollo limone $65.00

Small tray pollo cacattore $40.00

Large tray pollo cacattore $65.00

Small tray sausage and pepper $40.00

Large tray sausage and pepper $65.00

Small tray veal marsala $50.00

Large tray veal marsala $95.00

Small tray chicken marsala $40.00

Large tray chicken marsala $65.00

Small tray rollatini di malenzane $40.00

Large tray rollatini di malenzane $65.00

Small tray pollo alla griglia $40.00

Large tray pollo alla griglia $65.00

Small tray scampi $50.00

Large tray scampi $95.00

Small tray sole fillets $50.00  

Large tray sole fillets $95.00

Small tray salmone $50.00

Large tray salmone $95.00

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Vicolo Pizza Restaurant
62 Main Street
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Monday 11:00AM - 10:00PM

Tuesday 11:00AM - 10:00PM

Wednesday 11:00AM - 10:00PM

Thursday 11:00 - 10:00PM

Friadayn 11:00AM - 11:00PM

Saturday 11:00AM - 11:00PM

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